Following a recent caravan trip around Australia I began working on a new print series focused on the Australian landscape. I was attracted by the animism and energy in the natural surroundings – something new for me, and thought how living in the city seems to disengage many people from their natural environment. I wanted to further explore these themes in my work.

Collaborating with a master printmaker (Theo Tremblay) in lithography last year, along with my experience in Japanese wood block printing (mokuhanga) has led me to  research and experiment with wood lithography (Mokulito). This new technique results in prints which are very energetic, powerful and textural and the serendipity of the process suits the natural and environmental theme of my current work.

For more details  here is an Overview of Mokulito and current Workshop details.

Here is a recent article in Australian Artist entitled Slow Art, and One Artist’s Journey into Mokulito Printmaking that is an overview of my experience with the process.

                                                                              Sam Sosnowski

Selection from Memories Series using paper cut etchings. View the whole show at Memories Show 2016.